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I read a helpful book over the weekend, The COACH Model, by Keith Webb.

Christian leaders who want to help others solve problems, reach goals, and grow will find this a useful resource. The underlying assumption is that most healthy people have sufficient knowledge and experience to solve their own problems. What they need is a coach, someone who will stimulate their creativity and help them think clearly about their lives. The COACH Model is non-directive and assumes the Holy Spirit is involved in people’s circumstances, teaching and reminding them of what is true. The model relies on powerful open questions which stimulate coachees’ ability to solve their own problems. The solutions are the coachees’ ideas. Therefore, they own the solution which makes it easier for them to accept responsibility for implementation.

COACH is an acronym that stands for, Connect, Outcome, Awareness, Course, and Highlights. I expected the acronym to be forced, but after studying each of the steps in the model, I concluded these words adequately describe the five steps. I particularly appreciated the sample questions that are included in each step. It is easy to see how asking the non-directive open questions of the COACH Model with people I mentor will often help them more than me giving them my opinion.

Do you mentor others? Do you have a model that you use or a structure that you follow? I’d like to hear what other leaders are doing as they help others grow, set and reach goals, and solve problems.


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