Staff Planning Day

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Yesterday our small and dynamic Anda Leadership staff team met for a day of reporting and planning. We had a lot to discuss and even though we met from early in the morning until early in the evening, the time passed quickly. We covered topics that are current and need immediate action and we engaged in a more strategic discussion in the form of a SWOT analysis. (SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.)

Most of our weaknesses and threats rise out of our short organizational existence and small size. For example, we have very limited funding and practically a non-existent track record of raising money.  Our vision is to have a global impact, but our small size and shortness of organizational experience make that vision seem hopelessly unrealistic.

On the other hand, we have a number of strengths and opportunities that are exciting. The first item on our list, the first thing mentioned, was that we are committed to a God for whom all things are possible. We are committed to follow him as our leader. Also, even though we are only four staff, we have considerable individual experience and enjoy personal credibility in a number of circles. Anda Leadership is currently a nimble organization and represents a cause whose time is now. Many missions, development, and political thinkers are saying that enabling emerging market entrepreneurs is exactly what is needed to combat poverty, disease, war, and other spiritual and social problems. We have an opportunity to create an organization that is currently relevant and leverages current technology.

Possible the high point of the day was when we realized how much vision alignment we enjoyed as a staff team. Even though we had to work through a few issues, we ended the day with complete unity. What a joy to work with people who are completely committed to a common cause!

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  1. sandra Fritz

    Praise God. Keeping you in prayer. Just finished reading Billy Gram’s Deciaion magazine. The need is huge!


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