Executive support.

Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) for transitions, turnarounds or upscaling.

Experienced Executive

People First Strategy

Leveraged Impact

Don’t work outside your role.

If your organization is facing a leadership shortage, your executive team is probably overwhelmed. You shouldn’t have to take on responsibilities outside of your role.

When you need executive support

Sometimes, an executive has moved on and a replacement hasn’t been found. Other times, the executive team needs to scale for growth or manage change. A fractional COO can relieve the pressure on you and your team. 

How it Works

Schedule a Call

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We’ll do a quick call to make sure a fractional COO will be a good fit for you.

Have the Support you Need

Whether offsite or on you’ll have the strategic executive support your company needs.

Greg Fritz

Meet Greg Fritz

Helping leaders succeed has been Greg’s primary vocation for decades.


He’s been in your shoes.

Greg was the young CEO of a fast-growing organization for over 25 years. He learned from experience how worthwhile an investment in coaching is to a senior leader who wants to succeed in work and life.

Greg has a Doctor of Ministry degree with a leadership emphasis from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has coached hundreds of leaders and teams around the globe.

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