Leadership is better with a coach.

Gain Fresh Energy

In leadership, receiving criticism is consistent. You wouldn’t have gotten where you are if you couldn’t take it. We will help you evaluate feedback in a way that builds you up.

Be more confident

Leaders consistently introduce change. Having the feedback of a seasoned leader will give you increased confidence to lead your team in the direction your organization needs to go.

Celebrate your successes

Great leaders celebrate the success of their team faithfully. Often, no one thinks to celebrate the leader’s growth. We will point out your successes so you can enjoy leadership again.

Isolation is the last thing we expect when we step into senior leadership

But too many of us experience it. We want to make a positive impact and are ready to work as hard as it takes, but rarely foresee the person-to-person difficulties that are likely to trip us up. This leaves us vulnerable to poor choices that could compromise our organization, our integrity, or take us out of the game entirely.

Invest in coaching

Don’t walk through your leadership alone, relying only on the feedback of those who report to you. Leaders rarely receive objective feedback from employees. It’s typically too complimentary or too harsh. You need outside support and accountability from someone who has been in your shoes and has your best interests in mind.

Invest in these three relationships to start loving your job again

Navigate uncertainty with confidence

You’re responsible for the hard decisions. Having someone on your side to help you navigate them will make all the difference, so you can be the hero your team deserves.

Group Facilitation

When the stakes are high, meetings can be tense. Greg has successfully led hundreds of teams toward greater alignment when it matters most. Bring him in for your next meeting.

How it Works

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Greg Fritz

Meet Greg Fritz

Helping leaders succeed has been Greg’s primary vocation for decades.


He’s been in your shoes.

Greg was the young CEO of a fast-growing organization for over 25 years. He learned from experience how worthwhile an investment in coaching is to a senior leader who wants to succeed in work and life.

Greg has a Doctor of Ministry degree with a leadership emphasis from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has coached hundreds of leaders and teams around the globe.

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Happy Clients

I have personally benefited from Greg’s leadership coaching . His insights have added value to me individually, as well as to my family and organisation.  One of the things I learnt from his interventions, was the importance of building in “margin” within one’s schedule and life. This allows a leader to retain stamina in the midst of unexpected demands and to field curve balls, which characterise the life of a busy leader. That is one example of the many lessons I learnt, of which I am utmostly grateful.

- Tapiwa Chizana

Managing Partner, Deloitte Bulawayo

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