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A Certified Working Genius Facilitator, Greg will use Patrick Lencioni’s new model and help you apply it with your team.

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If your people are working outside of their gifting, they’ll burn out, check out, or phase out.

Working in their zone of frustration is a key reason for quiet quitting.

Want to learn more?

By understanding your team members’ unique geniuses, you can help them experience joy in their work.

Fulfilled employees help you build a healthy culture which leads to a productive organization. It’s a positive cycle you can start today.


Put the coaching to work for your team or for yourself.


Greg loves to see people, organizations, and systems functioning at their highest capacity, and he works hard to enable such results. He cares deeply about organizational mission and culture, corporate dependence on God, and the importance of cultivating his own deep, personal relationship with Christ.

Robert Huggins

Digital Growth Strategy Leader (Fortune 25) | Non-Profit Board Director, Bank of America

What stands out most to me is Greg’s integrity and wisdom. His experience and knowledge was of great benefit to our organization, and I personally learned a lot from Greg. To me, he was the ideal supervisor. He gave a lot of responsibility and authority to his people, yet at the same time he was encouraging and always there to listen and help solve problems. I would wholeheartedly recommend Greg as a leader to any organization.

Amber Holloway

I have personally benefited from Greg’s leadership coaching . His insights have added value to me individually, as well as to my family and organisation.  One of the things I learnt from his interventions, was the importance of building in “margin” within one’s schedule and life. This allows a leader to retain stamina in the midst of unexpected demands and to field curve balls, which characterise the life of a busy leader. That is one example of the many lessons I learnt, of which I am utmostly grateful.

- Tapiwa Chizana

Managing Partner, Deloitte Bulawayo

Greg Fritz has a proven ability to manage an organization extremely well with great insight and integrity. His personal style is engaging and thoughtful, always keeping the organization’s mission at the center of his focus and bringing the best out of his staff. Greg is a tremendous asset to any organization that would be fortunate to have his involvement and I am proud to have worked for him.

Alex Areces

Director Of Marketing And Business Development, Moore Medical Group and CayaHealth

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