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Recently, I received an invitation from a group of citizens of a key Central Asian country to train them to be better able to interact with the rest of the world, the West in particular. Their desire to become more engaged members of the global community, threatens their authoritarian government. This government does not want foreign influences like me to have contact with the people. The government rightly fears that I might reinforce ideas such as personal freedom, institutional accountability, and financial transparency.

The purpose of the training will be to gain agreement that financial transparency is a positive community value and to help them set up organizational systems which implement that value.

Would you like to join me on this trip that currently is scheduled for the second week in July? If you can’t actually travel with me, would you like to be involved in other ways? For example, I would love to have focused prayer cover before and during the trip. Also, we at Anda Leadership have funding needs and your tax┬ádeductible gifts help us interact and respond to these kinds of opportunities.

Let me know if you would like more information:

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  1. Fred Baker

    Would like to know more.


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