Bloom where you are planted

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As I read the story about Joseph in Genesis 37-50 this week, the old saying, “Bloom where you are planted” comes to mind. I am not sure where I first heard this quote, possibly from my Grandmother Baker who was full of pithy wisdom. To me it is an exhortation to do the best with what we’ve got. Regardless of our circumstances we should make the most of the available resources.

Joseph bloomed where he was planted. I am impressed with how he went from high to low and back to high again in short periods of time. His life was a yo-yo, but he managed to do well regardless of the situation in which he found himself.

He started high as his parents’ favorite son. He then dropped to the bottom when his jealous brothers threw him into a pit and then sold him to a caravan headed to Egypt. He quickly found his way back up high when he was given responsibility to manage Pontipher’s life. Again his status came crashing down when Pontipher’s wife falsely accused him of misconduct.

Joseph was thrown into prison, but again his management talents were recognized and he was given relative status in that situation. After blooming there for two years, Pharaoh called him up and made him Egypt’s top official. Wow, what a roller-coaster!

¬†Joseph served faithfully in each position regardless of how unfairly he was treated or how exalted he became. He was knocked down by his brothers and by Pontipher’s wife, but he did not stay down. Instead, he made the best of his new circumstances. He was a gifted manager and God placed him in management positions.

I pray that I will faithfully server in the positions I find myself, whether high or low. May I bloom where I am planted!


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