Battling Human Trafficking

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More and more data is becoming know about the amount of human trafficking that is ruining the lives of many of the most vulnerable people in the world. This horrific evil destroys lives and families. One of the more common scenarios goes like this. Traffickers enter a poor rural village and approach families with an offer to take their young daughters to the city. The traffickers promise that the girls will be employed as house-help or in some other acceptable job and given an education. The family accepts payment from the traffickers hoping that the money will help them out of some immediate financial struggle and hoping that their daughters will have a better life than they can provide. Of course, none of these hopes are realized. The money is too small to really help the family and the girls are despicably abused.

A solution that we propose is to build the economic base in these poor communities so parents will be able to provide for their families and not be tempted by the traffickers. As we enable entrepreneurs in these vulnerable communities, the overall economic stability improves which eventually will break the cycle of poverty. Also, as we provide this practical assistance we will have an opportunity to offer real hope which is not physical, but spiritual. Equipping leaders to build effective companies that employ people and add prosperity to communities from a biblical, character-based leadership model offers hope on many levels, including combating the evil of human trafficking.

At Anda Leadership we training social and profit-minded entrepreneurs to build more effective organizations and companies in the developing world. We are looking for like-minded people to join us. Let me know if you are interested!


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