Ministering with one’s spouse

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Last evening I had the privilege of teaching a Perspectives class in Moses Lake, WA., a two hour drive from home. Nancy and I drove over there together.

As we were meeting the students before the class started, I became aware that several married couples were intentionally taking the course together. In one way or another they expressed a desire to experience the course together with the intention to apply what they learned – together. I immediately recognized the wisdom of their approach and commended them. Ironically, it wasn’t until I stepped back and evaluated my life that I realized the principle I was noting in these couple’s lives was already fully integrated into my relationship with Nancy.

We met as a result of the Perspectives course during which we developed a common set of values. We have sought to live those values together. We recognize that we have complementary strengths and therefore seek to minister together as much as possible. Although we are different from each other in a number of important ways and often experience relational friction, we both feel we are better when the other one is there. We believe the synergy that comes from our complementary strengths more than compensates for the stress that results from our differences.

Our personal and professional relationship is highly integrated. This might sound threatening to some couples, but we consider it a blessing and wouldn’t want it any other way.


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