Our next Anda Leadership hurdle

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During the past several months we have been diligently building a foundation for Anda Leadership. Even though we felt significant pressure to quickly move beyond the preliminary activities, we disciplined ourselves to tackle tasks in a logical order. We were enabled to do that, in part, by faithful donors who believed that we would prevail and engage in strategic and effective ministry once our footing was established. We owe a huge debt of appreciation to these faithful servants.

Now we have  a three person staff team, a business plan, a budget with cash flow projections, a logo, a website, administrative structures, and other organizational elements in place. We have contacts who are communicating with us in over five countries. Expectations and excitement are rising!

Just as important, our ministry concept continues to receive affirmation. The world is changing and the old ways of helping the people in the most difficult places are coming under increased criticism. New models must emerge and Anda Leadership presents a viable alternative. As we provide biblical character-based training for entrepreneurs in emerging markets we help them break the cycle of poverty in their communities and build credibility for the gospel of the Kingdom.

We are now turning to the next organizational hurdle, the biggest one yet. We have to significantly increase our organizational income. Up to now we have been able to survive on a few thousand dollars per month. By eliminating all expenses except those necessary for survival, we have been able to come this far. However, the “survival” lifestyle can only last so long. It has been a good exercise to clean out our freezer, stretch our wardrobes, etc. However, one can only defer expenses temporarily. Now our income needs to increase. Even more importantly, we need to pay for increased travel and other ministry expenses that haven’t been there while we were working on foundation building.

So, we begin a new chapter. How will this one turn out? Will Anda Leadership be affirmed by receiving sufficient revenue? Stay tuned …

If you would like to contribute to this ministry, please go to Allegro Solutions to donate. The organizational account is: AndaLeadership.001 and the Fritz’s account is:US-Frz.GNF.


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    I’m keeping this challenge in prayer …

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