My Valentine

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My wife, Nancy, has a theory that people tend to marry people who are a lot like them or people who are opposites. I have looked around at our married friends and I think she might be on to something. You can divide married couples into two groups. Some have similar personalities, preferences, and often even look alike. On the other hand, there are couples that cause you to scratch your head and wonder, “How did they end up together?”

Nancy and I fit into the second category. When on a road trip, I stay focused on the destination and dislike stopping for any reason. “Can you hold it for another 47 miles?” Nancy, on the other hand, likes to stop and visit the Grand Canyon, Wall Drug, and the two-headed calf. I keep the garage and my office neat and tidy. Nancy’s work-spaces … well, let’s just say I’m surprised she can find anything. I’m rational and linear. Nancy is creative and believes that at any given moment if you are only doing one thing, you are wasting precious time.

Even with these differences, or maybe because of them, as we celebrate our 29th Valentine’s Day together, I can honestly say, she is the love of my life!

What is the glue that holds our marriage together? Common vision. We are both fully devoted to living in such a way that brings most glory to God.

To illustrate that, let me share a story that defines our relationship. One day a few weeks before we got engaged, I began to get cold feet. I realized that maybe my life would be simpler alone. In what Nancy might call a moment of weakness, I thought simpler was better. When I told Nancy about my struggle, she responded with a question. She asked, “Would you be a better person with or without me?” In other words, would my life bring more glory to God if we walked as partners or if I continued on without her?

Her question worked better than even she expected. In a flash, I knew that I had to marry her. At that moment and ever since, I have known that with her I am able to love and serve God and his people more fully than I could alone.

I love you, Nancy. Thank you for being my Valentine!


  1. sandra Fritz

    That was so sweet and I definitely agree with your evaluation of your marriage. Many more happy Valentine days!!

  2. Paul Merrill

    Really good post, Greg.

    I’m privileged to say the same for Heather & me – opposites in many ways but enjoying life together & pleasing God. And only by His grace.

    • gregoryfritz

      Thanks Paul, and congratulations to you and Heather! 🙂


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