Who can you confide in?

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Leadership | 0 comments

You shouldn’t face challenges alone.
All of us are better when others stand with us. So, what should we look for in a coach or other confidant? What qualifies someone to help us navigate the complex circumstances of our organization or our life?
There are at least six characteristics that we should recognize in someone who we look to for advice. If you can positively answer these questions, you have found a good coach.
  1. Do you trust that this person will speak truthfully? Will they say the hard thing that needs to be said?
  2. Do you trust that this person will keep your conversation confidential?
  3. Is this person physically available? Do they really have time for you?
  4. Is this person emotionally available? How tied up is this person with their own issues and/or other people?
  5. Are we relationally compatible? Do we enjoy being together? Does the time pass quickly or does one of us regularly check the time?
  6. Does the person have sufficient life experience to competently address your issues? Are you sharing ignorance or does the person have insight to understand your issue and help see you through it?
We all need help to accurately see ourselves and our world. A competent and trustworthy coach can make a big difference.
I’d love to hear from you. What characteristics would you add to the list above?


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