Thank you!

by | Mar 6, 2012 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

It seems that everywhere I turn someone is urging people to express gratefulness. Marketing trainers instruct their students to regularly thank their customers for their business. Nonprofit fundraising consultants help organizations structure seven opportunities to say, “Thank you,” for every “ask.” Today, I read an article that claimed the best and most overlooked action a job-hunter can do is to send a thank-you note to follow up an interview.

Why is everyone saying that it is so important to say, “Thank you?” Maybe it’s because we generally forget. Which reminds me…

Thank you for reading my blog! 

(I really mean it. This is not simply a marketing ploy. I appreciate everyone who reads this blog and especially when someone takes time to respond. You are an encouragement to me.)


  1. Laura

    Thanks for writing! I really enjoy your posts!

  2. sandra Fritz

    Thank you for sending it. I love reading it! 🙂


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