Self evaluation – Am I honoring God?

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Most American presidents have regularly issued national day of prayer proclamations. Following in this tradition, President Obama proclaimed May 3, 2012 as a National Day of Prayer. I wonder what God thinks of America’s National Day of Prayer? I wonder what he thinks of where I place my affections?

This week I have been reading through the Old Testament book of 1 Kings. In chapter 12 it is recorded that the ten tribes in the north rebelled against Solomon’s son and David’s grandson, Rehoboam, because of his heavy handed, authoritarian leadership. Rehoboam demanded more from the people than they could or were willing to give. The people revolted. God said that the revolt was his doing. He punished the House of David because of Solomon’s¬†idolatry. Even after God’s punishment, Judah, the tribe loyal to Rehoboam, continued in its idolatry. This continued to greatly displeased God.

At the same time, the newly launched northern kingdom of Israel also engaged in idolatry. King Jeroboam set up idols for the people to worship so they would not have to travel into Judah’s territory to worship God in Jerusalem. Israel’s idolatry also greatly displeased God.

The Lord God refuses to share his glory with anyone or anything. When people put their love and trust in anything other than God, they steal from God. Honoring someone or something else, robs God of the honor he deserves.

I have used this week of the National Day of Prayer to evaluate what I honor. Do I honor God above everything else? Am I stealing his glory by loving and trusting someone/something else? It is clear in 1 Kings and throughout Scripture that the consequences of idolatry are devastating.

I have received so much from God, I want to faithfully love, serve, and honor him in return.

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  1. sandra Fritz

    I have been reading 1Kings also. In fact, I just finished the passages you discuss. So many parallels to our own nation.


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