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Below is a request for information my colleague Howard wrote for our Anda Leadership initiative. Do you have any wisdom on this matter that you would be willing to share with us? We are attempting to build reasonable metrics and we are having trouble finding relevant data to prepare our baseline.

Emerging Markets Research & Service Opportunities — Anda Leadership, a newly formed training & consulting ministry, requests assistance with some vital research. The basic mission of the new venture is: Equipping entrepreneurs in emerging markets through biblical character-based leadership training, enabling them to be agents of real positive change, physical and spiritual, in the world’s hard places.

They are striving to come up with good statistical information about small businesses and entrepreneurial organizations in emerging markets. Anda Leadership wants to be able to project income and then report on results vs. current levels of production and revenue, along with economic impact, such as what’s the current average number of employees and average revenue for small businesses per country and/or region (e.g., Indonesia, SE Asia, etc.).

Have you researched this and/or anything similar? If so any assistance you may offer will be greatly appreciated. Contact Howard at

In addition, they are seeking trainers and others to assist with accomplishing their great mission. Visit for more information.



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