Playing hooky

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Last Monday morning as I was planning my week’s activities, I realized that there was some open space. A flexible schedule combined with a growing case of spring fever gave rise to the idea of spending a couple days in the mountains. I felt I could arrange my tasks so that I could be gone from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday evening. The weather was calling for warm days with scattered rain showers. So I convinced Nancy, my wife, that she wanted to play hooky with me for a couple days.

Tuesday morning we tied up loose ends and pulled together supplies and left home around 1:30PM. We drove east to Idaho with sleeping bags, tent, enough food to keep us going several days, and hopes that the weather report was accurate. We became a bit concerned when we crested the pass near where we intended to camp and saw piles of snow ten feet tall. By the time we dropped to our camping elevation, the snow was less than a foot deep. Nevertheless, we adjusted to Plan B and slept on our air mattress in the bed of the Tacoma. We spent Wednesday and Thursday having an adventure and creating memories.

I am always recharged by the mountains. I particularly enjoy going into the mountains with Nancy. I am convinced there are few things we do that does more for my spiritual, emotional, and marital health than spending time in the clear air of higher elevations. It is there where I am reminded of the beauty of God’s creation and the power of his will. What joy! What refreshment!

Thank God for the recharge!


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