Organizing Prayer

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One way that I like to organize my personal prayer time is to divide prayer topics into three categories: personal, local, and global.

The personal topics concern me directly. Often, these prayer items are immediate and pressing, so I usually start my intercession with these requests to keep me from being distracted when I pray through the local and global requests. If I am not deliberate, my personal issues will consume my entire prayer time, so I pray through these items first with a specific time-allotment in mind. Then I move on to the requests in the other categories.

The local topics include my family, neighbors, people in my church, requests that friends (nearby and distant) have sent me, etc. Generally these prayer topics are geographically close, but not always. They are always relationally close. These requests arise out of my personal relationships.

The global topics originate from the news. I attempt to stay alert to important global events and prayerfully bring them before God. In 2011 concerns like the US debt, uprisings in the Arab world, and the leadership transition in North Korea occupied much of my prayer time.

How do you organize your personal prayer times? I’d love to hear your feedback.


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