My Vision

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I help social entrepreneurs organize and implement vision.
Help: coaching, consulting, teaching, and training in leadership, management, and culture.
Social: working for the greater community. Helping those who need a hand. I am particularly interested in helping leaders who are working to bring the gospel to the least-reached, the most poor, those with the least opportunities, that is, the hard places.
Entrepreneurs: people who are taking initiative to make a difference. People with vision and who are implementing. Social entrepreneurs are people who see opportunities to solve problems and are willing to think outside the box, take risks and gather resources to change the world.
Organize: I have over three decades of executive level organizational leadership, most of that time as a founder and CEO. I help leaders think more clearly about their organizations, achieve efficiencies, and increase effectiveness.
Implement: I have noticed that there are many good ideas, but implementation tends to be low. I want to help leaders choose the strategic battles and win.
Vision: Social entrepreneurs are people who are seeking to change the world. Let’s do it.


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