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This weGreg Fritzek we announced my new business platform, White Oak Leadership, through social media. Scores of people enthusiastically responded with kind words of encouragement and affirmation. The response was amazing, far greater than I expected. I’m grateful for the support.

However, one friend made a short statement that set her apart from the rest. Her words make me sad and motivate me to redouble my coaching efforts.

The short interaction between us went like this:

Her: Congratulations! Best wishes Greg, leadership training is definitely needed. You’re still going strong and I just retired, it’s wonderful that you still have passion for your work.

Me: Thanks. Actually, this feels more like fun than work! ?

Her: You are blessed, I always wanted to have fun in my work, sadly the last 15 to 20 years wasn’t even close to it. Enjoy and spread the word!

My friend is not alone. Many people long for more from their work. For many, enjoying work is a far-off dream.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Most often, job satisfaction arises out of alignment between our identity (who God made us to be) and our occupation (what we do).

Each person has a unique identity. No two people are alike. Likewise, each person has a God-given assignment (what we are created to do). God intends for our identity and assignment to align. We can’t change who we are, but we can miss our assignment. That is, we can occupy a job that we are not created for. When our occupation is not in alignment with our identity we are pushing up-hill. This is not fun!

If you feel your current occupation is not aligning with your identity, plan to change your occupation. You might need help. Find a mentor, coach or counselor who can help you find a place that is a better fit. Let me know if I can help.


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