Life with my Ghanaian “daughter”

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Two and a half years ago Nancy and I brought Adjua into our home. Adjua is an international student from Ghana who is studying biochemistry at Whitworth University. During the time she has been with us I have had numerous experiences with her that are generally reserved for a father and daughter, such as teaching her to drive, talking about boys, and becoming friends with her friends. I have come to relate to her more like a daughter than as a house guest.

So, it is not surprising that Nancy and I ended up sitting with her and several other African students at last Friday’s basketball game. We love those girls! They enrich our lives in many ways. As you can see in the picture above, they can be as goofy as any other college students. (That is our Adjua in the yellow top getting her hair messed up.)

Not only does Adjua and her friends make us laugh, but they also cause us to see the world differently and think more deeply about our beliefs, values, and assumptions. I believe our relationship with them makes us better people, better Americans, and better global citizens.

I wish everyone could meet and love at least one international student. It isn’t that hard. They are in almost every American school. Don’t miss out! Reach out to the international students that are close to you, invite them into your home, and bless them. You will not be disappointed!


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