Laura in Botswana

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Laura, my oldest daughter, is in Botswana. She is there to conduct some research for Anda Leadership and to meet her fiancee’s family. I enjoy staying in contact with her via Skype.

Earlier this week Laura told me about a conversation she had with a pastor in Gaborone, Botswana’s capital. She told him about Anda Leadership’s desire to enable emerging market entrepreneurs. She explained that we do not intend to bring a packaged program, but instead to be available to assist according to the needs expressed by local leaders.

This forward thinking pastor was ready with a request for us. He explained that the business people he knows are already skilled in most business practices. They don’t need us to train them in topics such as marketing, accounting, planning, etc. Rather, where they tend to be weak is understanding personal and business ethics. It is not that they are bad people. They just haven’t had good role models and no one has taught them how to care for people, the long-term consequences of cutting corners, the importance of ongoing personal development, etc.

This is exciting to us, because character topics are the most important. We know that if business people live lives of integrity and lead their organizations with excellence and compassion that their entire communities will be enriched and God will be honored. We are delighted to respond to this kind of request. Maybe a character-based leadership training event will come to Gaborone soon! Let me know if you would like to participate in some way.

Regarding Laura’s second agenda item, even with poor connections, she lights up the computer screen. I’d say she is enjoying meeting Kagi’s family and is looking forward to her August 18 wedding.


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