Initiate or Wait?

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I take initiative. I am that kind of person. I believe that sometimes you just have to start moving. As you go, you see more clearly where you are going. Anticipating and preparing for contingencies is wasteful because most of them will prove to be irrelevant.

On the other hand, as a believer in God and one who professes dependency on him, I believe I should make every effort to proceed according to his plan. Sometimes God requires me to wait. This demonstrates trust in him and builds character.

The challenge is determining when to just do it and when to wait on the Lord.

Taking initiative can be effective, responsible, and God-honoring. Ready, fire, aim can be the most expedient way to get things done and can honor God because of the need to trust him in the process. Slowing down and waiting for the Lord to clearly guide before moving forward can also be effective and appropriate.

The solution is to pray without ceasing. Continually asking the Lord, “What do you want me to do next?” is the proper way live. Sometimes the answer will be, “Move forward and trust me.” Sometimes it will be, “Wait and trust me.”


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