Helping two 20-somethings out of a tight spot

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Sometimes circumstances dramatically affirm my belief that God has a plan and he is continually preparing us for the next episode.

Last week Nancy and I spent a couple days in the mountains.

Early Thursday morning, I left for a hike. As I walked down the road toward a trail-head I was surprised to come upon a befuddled young couple. We were in a remote area, a place where you do not expect to find other people. They were as surprised to see me as I was to see them, but they were also hopeful. Like Nancy and me, they had looked for someplace to camp and did not find a convenient spot. However, in their exuberance, they managed to drive their car around a Forest Service gate and then became hopelessly stuck in the snow. They set up their tent on a small patch of ground where the snow had melted and spent the night there. When I found them they were trying to get their car out. When they saw me, I became a fresh hope. Would I be able to help them?

After assessing the situation, I agreed to try to pull them out with my truck. The biggest obstacle was getting around the gate. I don’t know how they managed to get in there, but I figured my Toyota could go anywhere their Subaru could go. And it did! Actually, it didn’t take much time for me to pull them out.

They were very grateful and said I was a God-send. I enjoyed the adventure.

As I reflect on the situation, I am amazed. The two 20-somethings that I helped were in a difficult spot. The chances of finding another person in that particular location are extremely slim. Even if they did happen to find someone, that person might not be willing and able to help them. They were facing a long day of walking, hitchhiking, and unplanned expenses such as Forest Service fines and tow truck fees. However, because I was there, their big problem became a small problem that was resolved in under an hour at no cost to them.

When they told me I was a God-send, I felt they were exactly right. God has a plan for us and he equips us to accomplish that plan. Our job and joy is to walk in his plan.



    • gregoryfritz

      They were very grateful. I think they probably are wiser from the experience.


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