Changing perspectives on international aid

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The world has changed and is changing. Many commonly held assumptions are either obsolete or soon will be. This is true in many areas of life. It is particularly true in the world of international relief and development.

In the past it was assumed that the way to help countries at the bottom of the global economic ladder was to give them aid. More and more people who represent the people receiving aid and thoughtful people who sincerely desire to help are saying that more often than not giving aid does not help. There is mounting evidence that aid programs actually increase poverty and hardship for the people it is intending to help. Aid causes dependency, steals ambition, and stifles creativity. Aid tends to increase corruption and hinders entrepreneurship.

Simultaneous to the growing awareness of the dark side of aid programs is a growing awareness of opportunities for both business development and ministry among indigenous leaders in their own contexts. People are stepping forward within their own communities all over the world. They are taking risks with the hope of making their lives and the lives of people around them better. As they succeed, they break the cycle of poverty and begin positive economic development. They also become more open to consider alternate ideas, including the gospel.

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