Business as Mission

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For the past couple decades missionaries and businessmen have been talking about “business as mission” or BAM. This idea combines profit-mindedness with cross-cultural Christian ministry. BAM companies minister at two levels. First to the people who directly relate to the company – employees, vendors, customers, competitors, etc., and the community in which they operate. The idea is that these companies bring glory to God and service to people through honest to goodness business.
BAM is a great concept with strategic advantages over traditional missions for several reasons. Let me list two. First, many countries with the greatest need for the gospel place restrictions on “missionary” activity, but are eager to bring in effective companies. Second, we have come to understand that it is generally not helpful or even counter-productive for outsiders to try to develop communities. It is better to help local people build their own communities. BAM provides needed goods and services, and jobs. Local people with jobs transform communities.
We are currently attempting to launch a BAM organization. Our idea is to train indigenous (local) entrepreneurs in emerging global markets/the developing world. We believe that helping local talent succeed will bring the greatest value to struggling communities and will shine the brightest light on Jesus, the God of Love.
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