Answered Prayer

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Last summer my friend Robert recommended that I read Prayer That Shapes the Future, by Long and McMurry. The book was a timely read for me and on July 20 I adjusted my typical daily routine to include two hours of intercessory prayer. Later I shorted that to one hour. To help me focus, I keep a prayer list and journal many of my prayers.

This morning as I was scanning through my journal I remembered that through the summer and fall I regularly prayed about our personal financial situation. Due to loosing my job at Partners International and a half-empty rental property, our monthly income was cut in half while our regular financial obligations remained roughly the same. Our financial situation was not sustainable and I did not see a way out. We were in one of those situations where our only hope is in the Lord and so we pray desperate prayers.

I honestly don’t know how it happened, but week by week through the summer, fall, and until today, we have been able to pay every bill on time. A few times I did not know how I was going to pay next week’s bills until, at what felt to me to be the last second, money would appear from some unexpected source.

Those six months tested our faith and God proved faithful to us. I am grateful to him!

Our finances have now become more predictable. Due to the generosity of a couple dozen donors, we are drawing about 50% of our salary target from Allegro Solutions and the rental property is now producing more revenue. We are not out of the financial woods, but the combination of God’s faithfulness last summer and fall and the extra income gives us confidence to take increased financial risks like Nancy’s upcoming Kidzana trip to SE Asia.

If you would like to join our financial support team, let me know. We are looking for people who will join with us in providing sustainable solutions to the world’s most vulnerable people. See our Anda Leadership website.


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