Anda Leadership – An affiliate of Allegro Solutions

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As you might know, Howard Amland, Laura Fritz, and I are launching a new enterprise that creatively addresses some of the world’s greatest problems. We have seen that usually the best solutions for the worst problems already reside in the most needy communities. Huge programs with lots of funding are generally not needed and sometimes can actually exacerbate the problems. Real change comes when local people with local resources begin to improve their lives and communities. Helping these local entrepreneurs does not cost much, so we are choosing to run Anda Leadership on a shoestring budget.

One way we are keeping our costs down is to not launch a new non-profit organization. Instead, we have become an affiliate organization of Allegro Organizational Solutions. Allegro Solutions has graciously agreed to be Anda Leadership’s “fiscal sponsor.” Fiscal sponsorship is the practice of an existing nonprofit hosting a separate group under their legal and IRS status umbrella so that they can get to work without the delay and effort of organizing a new nonprofit corporation. (Read more about fiscal sponsorship here or here.)

In our case, both organizations seek to encourage and equip autonomous leaders and help them accomplish all that God has for their ministries. Anda Leadership adds the specific strategy of training entrepreneurs in the developing world. We are delighted that Allegro Solutions is handling our financial and legal overhead tasks.


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