A lesson from a temporary loss of vision

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I have been experiencing discomfort in my right eye all week. Thinking it was pink eye, I went to urgent care Sunday. The doctor agreed that it might be an early stage of an infection, so he prescribed antibiotic drops and told me to come backĀ if the irritation did not go away. The drops seemed to work and I thought I was getting better until yesterday afternoon when the symptoms I had been experiencing came back with greater intensity. By this morning, my eye was very sensitive to light, leaving me unable to see clearly. Even daily activities that I normally do instinctively suddenly became difficult. Fortunately, there was a slot open with an eye doctor this morning, Thursday. After his careful examination, he determined I have something like arthritis in my eye. At least, that is how he described it to me. He gave me steroid drops and told me to come back tomorrow. These drops seem to be working and I can now see well enough to function normally.

My brief time of inhibited sight has caused me to become more aware of my eyes and grateful for the ability to see. I don’t see as well as I used to, but I still have 20/20 vision and generally take sight for granted. Today I am aware that my eyes and other gifts that I too often take for granted can be taken away at any moment.

Thank God for the ability to see and for many other wonderful gifts that I daily rely on. Help me use them to glorify God and bless people.


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