Leaders Cast Vision

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Leaders cast vision!
You need to work to clarify your vision and intentionally communicate it to your team. Even if your team loves and respects you, but they may also desire more clarity regarding the organization’s direction.
For those of us who are spiritual, casting vision is first a spiritual quest. Ask God to give clarity regarding what you want to do with your organization and how to share that with others in a compelling way.
I’ve been working with a client lately to help him do just this. After completing 18 hours of strategic planning, I wrote a one-page document that outlines the obstacle the organization seeks to defeat and the key characteristics that are needed in order to achieve its goals. This document is very helpful as the team remains focused on its vision.
I also have been regularly modeling how to insert the organization’s mission into every conversation.┬áLike beating a drum, I have been repeating the vision. “We want to help our agents successfully grow their businesses.”
You should do this too. Take advantage of every opportunity to remind and inspire people with the vision you have for the company, and how they are helping to achieve it. You might feel like a broken record, but your staff and others need to hear the story over and over.
Currently, we are scheduling meetings between my client and the agents in the company. I suggested he make it a goal to share his vision/mission clearly at least twice during each meeting. Since I will also be in many of these meetings, I will endeavor to share it at least one additional time.
Why don’t you try inserting your company’s vision into every conversation for a week and see how it goes. If it feels unnatural, explain what you’re doing and invite your team to join you.
I’d love to hear how it goes! Just send me an email or message through this website.


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