Help Wanted: Credit Union Experience

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This morning I spoke with a remarkable British couple who has been assisting emerging entrepreneurs for many years. They have developed a training workshop based on the Jesus stories of the Feeding of the 5000 and the Parable of the Talents.

From the Feeding of the 5000 story, they teach that we need to understand our resources. We should look at what we have, not what we don’t have. Investing what we have will result in more.

From the Parable of the Talents, they teach responsibility to strategically use what God has given. Vision and initiative are required and rewarded. Inaction is punished.

My new friends help people who are just getting started, those who are taking their first steps into business. They teach topics such as simple market research, risk management, managing cash flow, record keeping and how to handle profits. Now some of the people are succeeding and need more specific training. For example, some of them see a need for a “credit union.” They would like to pool some of their funds and make them available to each other for emergencies and other specific uses.

Unfortunately, they don’t know anything about starting a credit union. What are the pot holes to be avoided? What kind of rules should be established? How do they structure accountability? In fact, they don’t even know if they are asking the right questions. They don’t know what they don’t know.

So, I volunteered to provide someone who can help them. That is exactly what Anda Leadership is in business to do.

Now, I need your help. Do you know someone with credit union experience who would be willing to help these fledgling Kenyan entrepreneurs? Please help me get in touch with them.


  1. Patty Gouert

    Hey Greg, I worked for Lockheed Federal Credit union in So. Cal for 8 Years in thier Loan Service Department. I don’t know if anythink I know would be helpful. If so let me know.

    • gregoryfritz

      Great. I might be in touch.


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