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This morning I stumbled on a helpful summary of positive economic data from Africa. (See it below.) It is time for Africa to become a vital part of the global market place.

Christian researchers observe that Africans are also growing deeper spiritual roots. The Church is growing and maturing. Those who love God and Africa now have a fresh opportunity to positively influence this part of the world that has been hurting for too long. A key strategy is to enable the leaders; the African entrepreneurs who are taking risks to facilitate spiritual freedom and economic growth (that is, eliminate poverty). Much of the foundation is already in place. However, many Africans don’t know how to build organizations and businesses that can compete with the internationals. At Anda, we want to provide the kinds of training that is needed.

  • Thirty-six out of 46 African governments made things easier for business in 2011.
  • The International Monetary Fund expects Africa to grow by 6% this year and nearly 6% in 2012, about the same as Asia.
  • Africa’s combined consumer spending in 2008 was $860 billion, and it is expected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2020.
  • According to Standard Bank, around 60 million Africans have an income of $3,000 a year, and 100 million will in 2015.
  • Africa’s enthusiasm for technology is boosting growth. It has more than 600 million mobile phone users—more than America or Europe.
  • Ethiopia has grown by about 7.5% this year, without a drop of oil to export.
  • Trade between Africa and the rest of the world has increased by 200% since 2000.
  • Inflation dropped from 22% in the 1990s to 8% in the past decade.
  • In 2010, private-equity firms raised $1.5 billion for projects in Africa.
  • In 2010, total foreign direct investment was more than $55 billion—five times what it was a decade earlier, and much more than Africa receives in aid.
  • Foreign investors are no longer just interested in oil wells and mines. They are moving on to medium-sized investments.

Note: Information collated from The Economist and World Bank publications. http://www.renewstrategies.com/blog/2011/few-my-favorite-things-some-facts-about-africa


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